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My name is Dr. Joshua D. Kanies and I embarked on my path within education and media arts 22-years ago.  

Changing majors from Mechanical Engineering into Visual Arts and teaching my 1st class during my undergraduate studies at Iowa State University, was the stepping stone for me to continue my education with an MFA in Filmmaking and EdD in Teaching and Learning.

Today I thrive working with educational institutions and creatives on curriculum and instructional design, cinematography, photography and VR/AR content.



4K Video, Drone, 360 Imagery, Stock Footage and Photography.

Training, Workshops & Seminars

Educational Topics, Art and Design, Filmmaking, Photography, Software, Hardware and Best Practices.

Curriculum & Instructional


Adult Learning Theory, Online, Onground, Hybrid Instruction.  SME in Filmmaking, Photography, and Time Based Media.


Putting your creative ideas into motion and exploring beyond your potential.

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